Primera sesión del año, en el Darkablar….. «This is what i feel « by Missbiotza on Mixcloud

Sigo creando sesiones, comunicándome, cambiando estados, crear emociones, a 122 bpm o menos….. el dinero no lo es todo ….. los sueños, las personas, el crear música, sesiones, noches y días  juntos !!! me enriquece…. ‪#‎amorevolución‬ ‪#‎electrónicasocial‬

Primera sesión del año en el Darkablar wine&music, comienza con un poema de, Alan Berliner’s a Poem To Istanbul as heard on Drums of Taksim, el tema de Khidja, editado por Malka Tuti gracias.

«I went to Istanbul to give a master class and this is what i learned:
shower with cold water after exposure to tear gas;
hot water only makes your body absorb the poison.
vinegar, lemon juice, and milk afterwards can help ease the pain
Vic’s VapoRub in your nostrils beforehand takes away the sting.
that revolution in the streets is not for children or the elderly,
they’re not built for this kind of chemical attack on the senses,
let alone the whack of the water cannon.
that historic moments come suddenly, unexpectedly,
that a social contract should be of and for the people,
not despite the people.
that I’m more than a little scared by all of this.
that I don’t want my eyes to burn, or my lungs to fail,
that it only takes one trigger-happy finger before the bullets start flying
that I’ve never ever felt very comfortable in a crowd,
or wanted to be a member of any club…
and that I certainly don’t want to die,
but I just can’t stay away…

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